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For the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, we may collect your personal information in several ways: when you provide it to us directly, when you send it by e-mail, and when we obtain information through other sources that are allowed by the law.

The personal information that we obtain from you includes, but is not limited to, the following: the user’s contact information from our website, personal information that includes your complete name, age, e-mail, main source of income and/or profession.

CIE will take the necessary security measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal information in order to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation or unauthorized handling, and to detect diversions, whether intentional or unintentional, of your personal information. Only strictly authorized personnel will have access to your personal information, whether they are workers, employees, directors, managers or legal representatives of CIE and its affiliated and/or subsidiary companies (“Authorized Personnel”).

ACCO Rights (Access, Correction, Cancellation and Opposition)
You have the right to access your personal information that is in our possession and the details on how it is handled, and to correct that information if it is inexact or incomplete, to cancel it when you believe it is not required for any of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice, if it is being used for purposes you did not agree to, or if you oppose its handling for specific purposes. The mechanisms that we have implemented for you to exercise those rights are through the presentation of a respective request to CIE’s Privacy Department/Committee located at the Company’s main offices at Avenida Industria Militar S/N, Acceso 2, Piso 1, Colonia Residencial Militar, 11620, Mexico, D.F., or by calling (0155) 5201 9353, or by sending an e-mail to requesting confirmation by telephone that your request was sent, in order to ensure it is correctly received. Presentation of your request by any of the aforementioned channels must be made from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and the requirements indicated in Article 29 of the LFPDPPP must be complied with.

Revocation of Consent.
You may revoke the consent you have given us to handle your personal information at any time so that we cease to use your personal information. To do this, you must present your request by any of the channels mentioned in this Privacy Notice to CIE’s Privacy Department or Committee. Your request must be accompanied by the information indicated in the LFPDPPP, and it will be handled within the periods established in Article 32 of that law.

Transfer of your personal information
Your personal data and information may be shared with any of the subsidiary and affiliated companies that operate the different business units of CIE, and/or the providers or clients with which CIE has business relationships. In addition, we may share your information when required by law or the public authorities. CIE reserves the right to transfer your personal information in the event that all or part of our business or assets are sold or transferred. Likewise, you agree that your personal information may be transferred to and handled by people other than CIE personnel, inside and outside of Mexico.

If we do not receive your express opposition for your personal information to be transferred in the manner and pursuant to the terms described above, it will be understood that you have given your tacit consent.

Modifications to the Privacy Notice
We reserve the right to make modifications or to update this Privacy Notice at any time. These modifications will be published on the website

Complaints and Claims
If you believe that your right to protection of personal information has been harmed by any conduct of our employees or our activities or responses, or if you believe that in the handling of your personal information any violation has occurred to the provisions established in the Federal Law for Protection of Data in the Possession of Private Companies or Individuals and its regulation, you may file the corresponding complaint or claim with the IFAI. For more information, visit

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Reference to Future Activities
The web site may include references to future activities or projects. Those references exclusively reflect predictions regarding future projects, therefore their development and the results, and what actually occurs later may differ substantially from those references, since those references assume risks and uncertainties, including economic conditions in Mexico and worldwide.

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Those events that are outside of CIE’s control will be understood as included in the concept of force majeure., such as: defects by third parties, operators or service companies, government acts, lack of access to third-party networks, acts or omissions by public authorities, those events that occur as a consequence of natural phenomena, blackouts, etc., and attacks by hackers or third parties that affect the safety or integrity of the information system, such as viruses and/or any other code that has contaminant or destructive properties.

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